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Record your practice on various speaking scenarios and receive near-instant transcription and feedback. Recordings and transcripts are never shared.

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High Quality Feedback

The quality of your practice matters.

Practice is the key to success. We’ve designed the practice process to be as simple as possible, and built custom transcription and AI integrations to provide you with helpful feedback.

We focus on speech clarity, grammar, filler words, and content. All you need to do is choose a practice scenario, press record, and leave the rest to us. Take the following response to a RocketBlocks interview question to the right.

Response: In early 2020, several small businesses were struggling with sudden, but necessary, pandemic restrictions. My co-workers and I then decided to create volunteer consulting teams to offer free support to these local businesses in navigating the early months of lockdown. I analyzed their financials and developed a robust emergency action plan to increase revenue, including the idea of keeping track of recurring medicines sold by the pet store, and calling clients to remind them of renewal time. Our client saw a revenue increase of 65% after implementing our recommendations.

Everyone deserves an equal shot at a good first impression.

We believe that everyone should have access to a level playing field. Liftoff is a platform that helps you practice your speaking skills, provides feedback with AI, and gets you speech-ready in a way that is accessible to everyone.

Complete Access

The most powerful preparation tool for speaking.

Smart-AI Feedback
Receive relevant improvement tips.
Progress tracking
Monitor your performance over time.
Automatic recommendations
Discover your blindspots with our custom feedback.
Custom Filters
Filter by industry, difficulty, and question category.
Unlimited Practice
Practice as much as you want.
User Friendly Interface
An environment that mimics real-life.
Custom Scenarios
Create your own sets of scenarios for particular any situation.
Custom rubrics
We adapt to your needs and provide feedback accordingly.